Photo : ikiriho   2017Kenya’s Ambassador to Burundi Kenneth Vitisia said the event will be a good opportunity for Kenyans living in Bujumbura, the capital city where the expo will be held, to sell their products.

Speaking while meeting Kenyans at the Embassy during the sixth East African Health and Scientific Conference in Bujumbura, Mr Vitisia said the forum displayed Burundi’s resilience in the wake of calamities such as the clashes that emerged after President Pierre Nkurunziza won third term controversially in 2015. The country has also suffered civil war that lasted 13 years.

But ambassador Vitisia said peace has returned.

“Peace has returned to Burundi. People should not shy away from coming to the country, it is calm. Kenya Airways is the leading airline in Burundi.

“It lands twice a day but we are looking for a way of talking to the management to introduce the third flight because there is traffic. Calm has returned and many people are now travelling,” he said today at the closing ceremony.

The four-day event that started on Tuesday brought together more than 500 experts and stakeholders within and outside East African Community.

He urged countries that are part of the East African Community (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan) to support and grow each other.

Mr Vitisia called upon Kenyans brands including Kenya Medical Training College and The Aga Khan Hospital to open branches and sell their products and programmes to Burundians.

The envoy added that Kenya is the leading country among states in the regional intergovernmental organisation with many investments in Burundi.

[ By ANGELA OKETCH Saturday April 1 2017 ]